Grafana 3.0 Plugin

You can add a Dataloop agent as a datasource in Grafana by following these instructions. This is especially useful when used with a StatsD server. Install a Dataloop agent on the StatsD server and use the fingerprint to view all of your StatsD metrics in Grafana.

1. Install Grafana 3.0

2. Add the Dataloop data source

cd /var/lib/grafana/plugins
git clone dalmatinerdb

3. Restart the grafana-server service

sudo service grafana-server restart

4. Create an API token

Login into Dataloop and click account settings in the top right corner. Then generate an API token. You may want to create a service user account to restrict access to certain metrics in Grafana. 

5. Create a new Data source in Grafana as per below

Name: Dataloop

Type: DalmatinerDB


Access: proxy

Auth Token: Ticked, and use the API token from step 4

Note: Wildcards in metric paths only currently work within a single fingerprint. This is not a problem for dimensional data (coming from Prometheus plugins) but is required for StatsD. Therefore to use wildcards in metric paths you must always specify a dl:source in the WHERE clause.

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