CollectD Configuration

It's best to use the latest CollectD package. You can find instructions for setting up the repo's for Debian and Redhat based distros here:

Change the following lines in your collectd.conf file. Where fingerprint is the string from /etc/dataloop/agent.finger. You may need to uncomment the LoadPlugin line.

Hostname "fingerprint"

LoadPlugin write_graphite
<Plugin write_graphite>
  <Node "fingerprint">
    Host ""
    Port "2003"
    Protocol "udp"
    LogSendErrors true
    Prefix ""
    Postfix ".collectd"
    StoreRates true
    AlwaysAppendDS false
    EscapeCharacter "_"

The metrics will appear under 'collectd' when browsing in the Dataloop web interface.

Other Software

Lots of open source tools have a Graphite backend. In general you should only need to configure two settings; the graphite server address, and the metric prefix. Where our server address is and our metric prefix is your fingerprint.

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